2017 Tax Sale Results

A detailed report of the 2017 Tax Sale, by property number, is available here.

A list of properties that did not sell at the Auction on June 20, 2017 is available here. If interested in purchasing the tax sale certificate for a property on this list please contact Cindy Smith at csmith@docogonet.com. Include the property ID and Legal description in your email. I will verify that the certificate is still available and respond within 48 hours.

Summary of 2017 Tax Sale  
Number of Final Notices Mailed 920
Number of Tax Liens Initially Advertised 472
Number of Tax Liens Auctioned 242
Number of Tax Liens Sold 95
Number of Tax Liens Not Sold, Bought by County 147
Registered Bidders 59
Bidders Buying Tax Liens 18
Assessed Value of Tax Liens Sold $7,985,735
Total Bid for Tax Liens Sold $1,953,212
Total Taxes To Be Collected $244,508
Total High Bid Premium To Be Collected $37,229
Total Costs Of Sale To Be Collected $2,565