Airport Division



The Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport's mission is to serve the air transportation and service needs of Dorchester County and the Regional Area by safely Providing, Operating, Promoting, Developing and Maintaining modern and efficient facilities and amenities for the traveling public in accordance with all Federal and State Aviation Regulations and Federal, State and Local laws.


To provide uncompromised protection of Airport users through safety and security policies.

To achieve superior maintenance efficiency and reliability, while protecting the environment.

To understand and exceed the needs and expectations of pilots, passengers, airport businesses and customers.

To practice prudent commercial principals to ensure competitive costs and adequate funds to support future growth.

To achieve proper balence between revenue maximization and fairness with customers.

To develop and foster outstanding airport professionals within an exceptional airport team.

To actively participate in County goals in alignment with the future growth of Dorchester County.

Contact Person: Amber Hulsey, Airport Director

Cambridge - Dorchester Regional Airport

5263 Bucktown Road

Cambridge, MD 21613