Dorchester County Council Members

District #5 Tom Bradshaw
Acting County Manager Jay L. Newcomb


Jay L. Newcomb (D)

First Council District

Councilman Newcomb is currently the President for the County Council.   He previously served as County Commissioner from 1998-2004.


Councilman Newcomb is a Maryland School Bus Contractor who owns three buses as well as the Manager of A. E. Phillips & Son Inc and the owner of Old Salty's Restaurant Inc. in Fishing Creek, Maryland.


Councilman Newcomb is a 1978 graduate from Cambridge-South Dorchester High School.  He has held many offices in the South Dorchester Jaycees and is a lifetime member of the Church Creek Vol. Fire Co. Inc for which he has served as President, Vice President, Secretary and Chief for 11 years.  Councilman Newcomb attends St. John's United Methodist Church, has served as Coach for South Dorchester Youth Soccer League with three teams, and is a member of the Sons of American Legion. He has served on the Seafood Task Force for the State of Maryland and on the Board of Election for Dorchester County.

Contact Information:

    * Home: (410) 397-2134

    * E-Mail:

Tom Bradshaw (R)


Fifth Council District

Councilman Bradshaw is serving his 1st term in the Dorchester government.  This term will end in 2014.

Councilman Bradshaw graduated from Cambridge South Dorchester High School in 1984. 

Councilman Bradshaw is co-owner of Reid's Grove Country Store and drives a school bus for local contractors.

Councilman Bradshaw's leisure activities and hobbies include researching local history, genealogy painting, drawing, hunting and attending church.

Councilman Bradshaw is a member of the Vienna Heritage Foundation, Edward H. Nabb Research Center, Archeological Society of Maryland, Cambridge Skeet and Gun Club, Maryland Farm Bureau and Delmarva Poultry Industry.  

Contact Information:

    * Home: (410) 943-1212

    * Cell: (443) 515-0612

   * E-Mail:

William V. Nichols (D)

Second Council District

Councilman Nichols was born in Cambridge on November 8, 1958. He graduated from Cambridge High School in 1976 and is currently employed by Maryland Wire Belts. Councilman Nichols is a member of the Recreation and Parks Board and serves on the Maryland Association of Counties Legislative Board.  He formerly served on the Dorchester County Insurance Committee and the Dorchester County Social Services Board.

Councilman Nichols is currently the Vice President for the County Council and is serving his fifth term on the Dorchester County Council. He resides with his wife and children in Cambridge.

Contact Information:

    * Home: (410) 221-1371

    * E-Mail:  

Rick Price (R)

Fourth Council District

Councilman Price was born in Cambridge on October 17, 1954.  Councilman Price graduated from St. Francis Preparatory School in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania.  He attended Chesapeake College where he obtained an AA degree in General College Studies and  Salisbury State where he obtained a BA degree in Liberal Arts.  His hobbies include bowling, traveling and spending time with his family.

Councilman Price is an Associate Member and Past President of the North Dorchester Jaycees, an Associate Member of the East New Market Fire Company, a Member of the Hurlock Sons of American Legion Squadron 243, and an Associate Member of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 27.

Contact Information:

    * Cell: 443-521-5518

    * E-Mail: 

Ricky Travers (D)

Third Council District

Councilman Travers attended Cambridge High School from which he graduated in 1974.  He was born and raised in Dorchester County and has worked his entire life at Simmons Center Market which is located at 600 Race Street in Cambridge, Maryland.  He is currently a -owner and manager of this family operated grocery store and greenhouse.  His hobbies include camping, and spending time with his wife, four sons, parents and extended family. Councilman Travers is a member of St. Paul's Methodist Church, Rescue Fire Company, Lloyds Fire Company, Mid Shore Regional Council of Maryland, Cambridge Main Street and a sitting member of the Board of License Commissioners. 

Contact Information:

    * Work: 410-228-4313

    * Home: 410-228-1532

    * E-Mail: