Highway Division

The Highway Division is divided into several activities and functions. Among the many jobs of the Highway Division
are road building, blacktopping of roads (new and overlay), surface treatment, ditching – outlet and roadside,
bushing – outlet and roadside, roadside mowing, boat dock maintenance, boat ramp construction, bridge maintenance,
snow removal, ice control, signage of all county roads, line stripping of all county roads, and operation of a maintenance/repair shop.
The Highway Division is also involved in an Adopt a Highway Program and serves an important role in emergency
management for the County. Most notably providing resources to aid in recovery efforts from hurricane Isabel in
2003 and the June 2006 flooding in the north part of the County.
Bridges – There are a total of 21 bridges in the County road system over 20 feet in length. In addition there are 7
major culvert pipe road crossings and 9 minor culvert pipe crossings that are owned and maintained by the Highway
Division. The bridges and major culverts listed below are inspected by professionals trained by the state every 2
years in accordance with State regulations for safety.
Bridge No.     Road                                Water Crossing
D-001           Hooper Island Road           Honga River
D-002           Smithville Road                  Beaver Dam Creek
D-004           Hip Roof Road                   Spicer Creek
D-005           Punch Island Road             St. John Creek
D-009           Bishop Head Road             Goose Creek
D-012           Maple Dam Road              Blackwater River
D-013           Wesley Church Road         Farm Creek
D-015           Key Wallace Drive             Little Blackwater River
D-018           Suicide Bridge Road          Warwick River
D-019           Suicide Bridge Road          Cabin Creek
D-021           Drawbridge Road              Transquaking River
D-022           Drawbridge Road              Chicamacomico River
D-024           Bestpitch Road                  Transquaking River
D-025           Bestpitch Ferry Road         Windmill Island Creek
D-026           Decoursey Bridge Road     Transquaking River
D-028           Back Landing Road            Hunting Creek Dorchester County
D-029           Blades Road                     Hunting Creek Caroline County
D-032           Indiantown Road                Chicone Creek
D-035           New Bridge Road              Chicamacomico River
D-036           Elliott Island Road              Pokata Creek
D-037           Elliott Island Road              Elliott Creek
 Major Culverts
Culvert No.    Road                                Water Crossing
D-003           Drawbridge Road              Middletown Branch
D-006           Maple Dam Road              Little Blackwater River
D-007           Newhart Mill Road             Newhart Mill Pond
D-008           Whitely Road                     Skinner Run
D-011           Maiden Forest Road          Chicamacomico River
D-017           Schnoor Road                   Little Blackwater River
D-027           Linkwood Drive                  Higgins Mill Pond
Small Culverts (less than 20 foot span) 
Culvert No.    Road                                Water Crossing
D-010           Crochern Road                  Unnamed Creek
D-014           Wesley Church Road         Farm Creek Tributary
D-016           Stone Boundary Road        Little Blackwater River Tributary
D-020           Beaver Neck Village Road Cow Bridge Creek
D-023           Griffith Neck Road             Beaver Dam Creek
D-030           River Road                        Skinners Run
D-031           Thompsontown Road         Transquaking River Tributary
D-033           Reid Road                         Chicone Creek
D-034           Chicone Road                    Chicone Creek
The Bestpitch Ferry Road Bridge is listed on the State inventory of historic bridges and is eligible for the inclusion on the
National Historic Register. It utilizes a one lane wooden construction with a distinct humped arch roadway to provide
channel clearance for workboats in the marshes.
The Suicide Road Bridge was replaced in 2005 and was featured in national publications for its wood design.
The Highway Division is also responsible for maintenance of the County marine facilities including boat ramps, docks
and boat mooring sites. The following is a list of Boat ramp locations and facilities available at these sites. 
The locations of these sites can be found on the Maryland Department of Natural Resources boating web page.
Boat Ramps
Location                                                Facilities
Asquith Island                   Ramp          
Crocheron                         Ramp           Dock                                 Parking
Elliott Island                     Ramp           Dock             Slips              Parking
Golden Hill                       Ramp            Dock                                 Parking
Bestpitch                          Ramp           Dock                                 Parking
Hoopersville                      Ramp           Dock                                 Parking
Kirwans Wharf                   Ramp                                                   Parking
Madison                            Ramp           Dock                                 Parking
Cambridge Creek               Ramp            Dock                                 Parking
New Bridge                       Ramp                                                   Parking
Ragged Point                    Ramp                               Slips              Parking
Shorters Wharf                  Ramp                                                   Parking
Smithville                         Ramp                                                  Parking
Taylors Island                   Ramp           Dock                                 Parking
E. Tedious Creek                                  Dock                                
W. Tedious Creek                                 Dock                                
Toddville                          Ramp                                        
Transquaking                    Ramp                                                   Parking
Tylers Cove                      Ramp            Dock             Slips             Parking
Wingate                           Ramp           Dock                                 Parking
As a part of the Public Works Department, the Highway Division’s goal is to maintain 
and improve the roadways and bridges within Dorchester County.
The highway staff consists of one division manager, four supervisors, nine heavy equipment operators,
fifteen CDL truck operators, five general laborers, seven mechanics and shop personnel, a shop clerk
and three administrative personnel.   
· Blacktop 10 miles of roadway with County funds
· Blacktop 4 miles of roadway with State Aid funds
· Tar & chip 25 miles of roadway with County funds
· Remix 5 miles of roadway with County funds
· Complete design of Bestpitch Ferry Road Bridge Replacement
· Organize Roadway and Drainage easements
· Develop Heavy Equipment and Vehicle Replacement Schedule
Contact Person for the Highway Division is
Highway Division Manager - Brian Chester
5435 Handley Road
Cambridge, MD 21613
410-228-9516 FAX